Why your business needs a website?

Why your business needs a website?

“we are changing the world with technology”-bill gates. As time passed, all the conventional methods have been replaced by improved and advanced ways that has simplified each and every task. One such introduction is the use of internet to increase the business of your own firm, it shall be considered that every popular firm has spent their time and money on building a website for their relative purpose; to engage customers. There are multiple excuses that will fill up your mind when you think of spending money on a website for your business but in reality, you are losing far more by not making one. According to a research in US, around 94% of small businesses have a website or a mobile-friendly application, this whooping proportion suggests clearly that making a website for your business has some advantages that you need to look at.

  • Increased popularity for your business; “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” ― Paul Cookson. This saying sums up our first reasons, a website can play a crucial part in promotion of your business. A billboard used for the promotion of your business shall be seen by a handful of people that cross the particular street/road while on the other hand your website is visible to everyone that uses internet, which shall increase your interaction by an exponential factor. According to studies, 70%-80% of customers search about products online before they look out for it in the local market, not having a website shall not only reduce your potential customers but provide your competitors with an edge against you. The product that was once only known by people of a certain area, having a website shall allow the product to have in international interaction, allowing greater product sales and increased profit for your business.
  • Increases the credibility of your business; People have suffered through increased suspicion when dealing with businesses for long-term projects or making prompt payments. On a survey conducted, it was evaluated that 57% of people would prefer a business having a website while the percentage increases to 70% when the dealing involves making prompt payments. Customers consider business with well-maintained and updated websites as being more trust-worthy than business that don’t have one, it is assumed that these businesses aim to stay in the market for long time or are actually firms that have existed for a long time.
  • Provides you an edge; “instead of focusing on competition, focus on the customer”- Cook Scott. Having a positive reputation would not create a difference if no one knows it, your reputation should be visible and recognized by all of your potential customers. As per the analytics, buyers would prefer normal rated sellers over sellers with no reviews, a website allows you to keep your customers informed about your reputation and reviews that you have received by helping your customers out. Keeping a well-maintained website shall not only provide your customers a knowledge of your reviews but also increases their trust on your product and help you increase your sales.
  • Always Accessible: Your Shop opens for a few hours in day but the website is available 365 days for the costumer. Even on the day when your shop is closed you could have a successful sale. Through a website your costumers will be able to check out the products, review them and compare their prices anytime according to their convenience. With the help of website, costumers won’t need to visit the shop at a particular time to select the product they want to buy, they will prefer to place an order online and get the order delivered to their home.
  • Target Wider Audience: To access a website from any part of the world you just need internet. In case if you are sitting in Pakistan and you want to buy any product from USA and the seller in USA doesn’t have a business website, it will be extremely tough to buy the product from the seller. With the help of a business website, you can target the costumer all around the world. Business website is a digital shop by which seller can offer both their products and services to the costumers and can easily communicate with the clients anytime and do business with them. A business website accessible to all the peoples all around the globe could dramatically increase your sales and expand your business.
  • Improved Customer Service or Experience: A website is a great platform to improve the relation with the costumer or clients. You can remain in touch with the help of an email with your old costumer or those clients who visited your website. You can share tips and with your costumer by just an email and the best thing is you can have a record of solutions to each revised query and it would be easier to just send them the solved query, rather than repeating the same thing again. For example, you are selling garment, you can tell them how to choose the right garments or how to wear the garments you have sold to them. If you sell electronic appliance, you can share them how to use these appliances or you can also tell them the discounts you are offering. No matter what services you offer, if you are offering insurance policies you can advise them which insurance policy will be good for them. If you are offering services related to travel and tourism, you can guide about the best places to travel or you can tell them tips how to enjoy a vacation.

Getting in touched with your client and costumer improves your relation with them. They will prefer you over others because you were in connection with your clients through mail and website.

Final Takeaway

 Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft quoted “If your Business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of the Business”

I would suggest you to build a professional website for your business that will boost your sales and profit. A professionally designed website cost you a very small amount but this small investment amount shall turn your small business into Brand and bring results that shall amaze you!

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